Top-up Health Insurance

Top-up health insurance works as a supplement to your primary health cover. These plans offer you the desired protection in case the sum insured amount of your current health insurance policy gets exhausted. So, if you think that your existing sum insured/coverage amount is not sufficient then a top-up health plan is a good option for you. A top-up health insurance plan is an indemnity policy that provides additional medical coverage to people with an existing health insurance policy or an employer mediclaim policy. It allows people to get their medical expenses covered even if they have exhausted the sum insured of their regular health insurance policy. However, a top-up plan comes with a mandatory deductible and provides coverage only after the insured has paid the deductible amount.

Top up medical insurance plans are affordable and more economical than the basic health insurance. These can also be taken along with the health coverage provided by your employer. A lot of individuals get confused considering top-up and the riders as the same. Actually, health insurance companies top up plans are only the indemnity schemes with a regular cover.

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