Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional Indemnity Insurance

This policy is designed for professionals and firms which covers them in the event of certain

errors of judgement made during the course of their professional work. Policies cover such

things as professional negligence, errors or omissions, breaches of professional duty or

conduct and civil liabilities.

This insurance enables professionals to work without the fear that they may be sued by

a client or a third party for injury or damage that may be caused to them as a result of the

professional services given. In short, it allows professionals to carry out their work with

greater confidence and peace of mind.

Need For Professional Indemnity Insurance

Regardless of the experience that a firm may have, there is always a possibility that

Professionals or their team members could make a mistake. Professional Indemnity

Insurance may be required by Professionals if they

• Handle Data belonging to a client or business: eg, a Chartered Accountant

• Are responsible for client’s intellectual property: eg, an IT Firm

• Advise or guide clients: eg, a Structural or Design Engineer, a Legal Advisor

• Provide professional services, eg: a doctor or a Surgeon

 No matter how large or small an entity providing the professional service, without a

professional indemnity covers the financial position of the service provider could become

vulnerable if a claim is brought against them.