Money Insurance

What is a Money Insurance Policy?

Monetary transactions are very essential to any business! The moment you’re dealing with things like cash, postal orders, cheques, drafts, there is always a bit of risk involved, and all will completely understand that. That’s why the Money Insurance Policy is here to help you protect your business’s money 24×7!

For instance, you’re carrying cash to pay vendors or distributing wages. But, who knows on the way there, you’ll get robbed, and there is no guarantee that you will find the culprits!

So this type of insurance would have a way to make up for such a hefty loss. Therefore, if you are having this insurance, it will definitely help you compensate the loss caused.

With this policy you can relax easily knowing that your money will be safeguarded from a whole alert of losses, destroyed or damages caused by an accident.

Benefits of Money Insurance Policy

Taking a Money Insurance Policy is crucial to protect you and your business in case of loss, robbery, or accidental damage of money either when it’s in a safe or in transit. But why do you really need to acquire it?

  • Protect your hard-earned money when you are carrying it from your place to the bank (or any financial institution).
  • In case you get robbed, and the thief is never found, still you can get your money back through this insurance.
  • Covers cash and cash equivalents such as currency notes, postal, bank drafts, orders, treasury notes, cheques, money orders and more

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