Hotel Motel Restaurant Insurance

The hotel and hospitality industry is increasingly being exposed to several new risks which fall outside the ambit of the traditional risk categories such as property risks, reputation risks/brand management, and political risks. Some of these include risks related to mixed-use construction, medical spas (spas within hotels that offer botox, laser resurfacing, etc.), and cyber risks dealing with credit card data and personal information housed on hotel keycards. Product liability risks stemming from the sales of branded products such as bedding and spa items are also considered to be growing exposures. More recently, Hotels have been targets of terrorist attacks as well.

Hotel Insurance Coverage

With Hotelier’s Package Insurance, you can pick and choose the covers you require and the amount up to which you want to cover your various risks. In short, you can choose the ingredients of your Hotel Insurance recipe to suit your taste. The covers include:

  1. Standard Fire & Special Perils – Building & Contents
  2. Burglary
  3. Money in Safe
  4. Money in Transit
  5. Glass Breakage (Plain plate glass)
  6. Workmen’s Compensation
  7. Public Liability

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