Glass Insurance

Plate Glass Insurance

 For many offices and other establishments like showrooms, hotels and theatres, plate glass often forms an important part of the building structure. Glass used for this purpose is available in various categories and can cost a lot. And more importantly, it is fragile. Thus, to cover the cost of its breakage, we need plate glass insurance.

 Plate glass insurance covers accidental breakage of and damage to glass on business premises. It is not uncommon for glass fixtures on a business premise to break due to an accident or some other reason. This can turn out to be a costly affair. To manage such situations, business units often consider opting for plate glass insurance.

 What Glass Insurance Covers?

If any breakage or damage to the glass fixtures, the replacement costs can be very high. Thus, glass insurance policy covers the below:

      Accidental loss or damage to glass plate within the insured premises

      Expenses covered to any temporary boarding as a replacement for damaged glass

      Cost of replacing ornamentation, sign writing, lettering affixed to the broken piece.

      Cost of replacement of broken  proof or reflective film affixed to the broken glass piece

      Replacement of the burglar alarm tape or wiring affixed to the broken glass piece

      Replacing broken window frames due to wear and tear

      If required, insured can ask for an add-on coverage against the an additional premium

      Loss caused by strike, terrorism, riot, and malicious damage.