Carrier Legal Liability Insurance

Carrier legal liability insurance policy is structured to cover an assurer and compensate against his/her legal liability for damage to or loss of commodities or goods caused by an accident and or fire to the registered vehicle under the policy at the same time such merchandise are transported in the said vehicle.

Therefore, this insurance policy in our country India primarily pays for all the expenses for which the insured can make it legally responsible as reimbursement for physical destruction or loss of or damage to merchandise or commodities, whilst in transit, furthermore during loading or unloading and whilst momentarily accommodated on or off vehicles in the normal course of action.

Carrier legal liability insurance policy follows certain conditions such as:

  • The fire or accident has taken place due to negligence of the insured.
  • That loss or damage is certainly caused due to criminal acts or negligence of the workers.
  • The damage to a vehicle is due to an explosion or accident or accidental fire.
  • Any claim concerning the vehicle thereof is registered under an inclusive motor insurance policy covering the vehicle.

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